Procurement & Implementation Support


Independent Consulting have been in several projects supporting clients to procure and implement services and technology to meet operational objectives.

Whether it is for operational efficiency, enhanced safety or upgrades of current technical/operational conditions we can provide support from project inception to handover to the client.


We believe any activity must consider operations before specifying technology. Our normal process is to define operational requirements and the concept of operations before creating a system design and technical specifications. To do this we start any activity with a technical/operational gap analysis in order to identify potential deficiencies and areas which can be improved. Based on this we can develop a concept of operations that can be translated into a system design and technical requirements.

We help our clients to identify budgets and develop evaluation criterion’s for an upcoming tender of a service or technical system. During the procurement phase we can support our clients in negotiation and value management.

Post procurement we support our clients throughout the delivery process from award of supplier to commissioning and handover.


Our objective is to ensure that what was initially envisaged in the procurement phase is fully realized during the delivery process with minimum delays. We are involved in a supporting role in activities such as design review, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Installation phase, Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Training, Commissioning phase and the final transition to the new systems and procedures.

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