Aviation Consulting

Our client range includes Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Regulators, Airlines, Ground Handlers and other organizations within the Aviation, Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Airport domains. The scope of projects under Independent Aviation Consulting unit can be defined as below.

Procurement & Implementation Support

Whether it is for Operational efficiency, enhanced safety or upgrades of current technical/operational conditions we can provide support from project inception to handover to the client.

Regulatory Compliance

We provided support in preparation for safety audits, aeronautical impact assessments etc. Our consultants have in-depth expertise in EASA, FAA and ICAO regulations, recommendations and best practices.

Operational Efficiency

The ratio between the input to run a business operation and the output gained from the business. We have provided support to key airports in Europe, Middle East and Asia covering A-CDM and Total Airport Management.

Safety Management

We have several safety case experts within our pool of consultants. We conducted safety assessments in several different domains within the Air Traffic and Aviation sector.

Airspace Development & Procedure Design

Our experts have been involved in or led airspace and procedure design projects in Middle East and Asia. Project examples are Procedure design KLIA2 and Dubai CTA project.

Simulation, Modeling & Validation

We can provide simulation capabilities for research and development projects, airspace design work or any other projects requiring real or fast time simulations.

Human Factors Assessments

We have conducted several human factors assessments together. We covered human factors in a wide array of topics (e.g. airspace changes, remote tower services, training, operational transition etc.)

Within these work streams we cover several activities such as gap analysis, concept of operations (CONOPS) writing, operational requirements writing, system design and technical specification, cost-benefit analysis (CBA), project management, etc.

Note. We also provide courseware and training services in all these areas under our Independent Academy.

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