Courseware Maintenance


Our hosted maintenance service offer ensures that the master documents delivered are updated annually, stored in a secure location and backed up.

We ensure that there is sufficient revision control with change logs for all general and customized courseware. Once a year we check the courseware to ensure that it meets the latest regulations / recommendations.

Our offer means less workload for users, maintained courseware and the benefit of retrieving regulatory driven updates free of charge once a year. In addition, as a pay-as-you-go service, we offer our subscribers access to user community driven changes that we have offered to other users.

By maintaining the courseware we can ensure that the courses is up to date with the latest regulations and best practices. We offer our users to have access to updates driven by either Regulatory changes or Community driven changes.

Courseware Hosting Benefits



Free security updates with 24/7 monitoring

Our servers comes with regular security updates, monitoring, a firewall, first-line support, etc. free of charge. Indeed, we want to ensure that the quality of our server network stays the best.

Safe & Fast

100% Safe and redundant fast network

Our servers are hosted in an modern data centre with guaranteed power supply, air-conditioning, fire detection and first class security. This way, your server can be running non-stop.


No Investments in Hardware & Software

We provide the hardware and software. As a client you only pay for the service.

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