Academy Support & Training


Independent Academy had strong in Aviation-related Training with a portfolio of 47 courses and more than 30 instructors.

We focused on training and aims to support companies and schools with their training-related needs ranging from Training Material Development and Maintenance to Provision of Instructors Services and E-learning tools.

In line with the consulting business, the Academy is strong in aviation-related training with a portfolio of 47 courses and more than 30 instructors.

In addition to this, we also provide courses related to general management, leadership and communication.

Services & Product

Independent Academy is aimed to support existing Academies, ANSP’s and Airport Operators by alleviating their efforts in:

Courseware Development (Theoretical & Practical)

ATC Simulator Scenario Building

Computer-Base Training Development (for web-based self-training)

Provision of instructors

The need for recurrent training is important for staff to be efficient and most importantly be able to handle safety critical operations in accordance with regulations.


We have over 35 ATC and Airport related courses in-house and a network of over 30 instructors and course authors.

We comply with the development procedures and requirements for Standardised Training Packages (STP) that recently was adopted by ICAO’s Training Policy.

We tailor the material to each customer. This ensures that the style and content is adapted to each individual customer. With this we can provide course material that is meeting the training culture and requirements that make each customer organisation unique.

Why us?

We are dedicated experts in courseware development.

An instructor may be a fantastic teacher but a poor course designer. Often the challenge for a instructor is to develop courseware whilst being tasked to do teach at the same time.

This often leads to a situation where either task is not performed to the standard that the instructors prefer or aims to achieve.

Hence in shorter time we can provide high quality courseware whilst enabling the instructor to do what he/she does best – Teach

Return Of Investment

The Return Of Investment is not only the courseware quality but also on the time savings an academy can do.

Imagine being able to start a new course within a couple of months instead of first having to develop the material which for a longer course (e.g. ab-initio ATC course) may take more than 6 weeks.

Unless the courses are customized from scratch we can deliver our courses 2 months after a purchase order. This should be compared to the effort time in-house development may take.

Do we instruct?

Yes, our course authors can also be hired as instructors.

We do not organise training activities in-house as our core business is in the production of course material. However we do supply trainers and subject matter experts to academies or other organisations that may require temporary support to complement their existing training or expand their overall course offering without hiring dedicated instructors.

Should an academy have limited resources to conduct training of a specific course we can provide the expertise of our instructors. These instructors often work under the branding and management of the academy or training institution.

Pseudo Pilots

We can also offer pseudo pilots to support in simulation activities as part of a training or an R&D activity.

Depending on the simulator to be used we develop training programs to ensure that our pseudo pilots (usually with ATC or Pilot background) is familiar with the simulator prior to conducting the activity.

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