RCC Malaysia

13 Nov 2013 News

DCA Malaysia is looking to upgrade it’s Search and Rescue facilities in Malaysia. Independent have been contracted to write the technical and facility requirements for the new Aeronautical Search and Rescue Centers and all associated sub-centers.

A-CDM in Japan

23 Oct 2013 News

Independent Consultings Aviation Efficiency unit has been awarded a contract by IATA to conduct workshops in Japan for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

A-CDM workshops in Singapore & Beijing

15 Jun 2013 News

Independent Consulting have together with IATA successfully conducted two Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) workshops in Singapore and China. This was an initiative organized by IATA.

Maintenance contract in Malaysia

28 May 2013 News

Independent Academy has been awarded a contract in Malaysia to maintain 31 ICAO courses for the Malaysian Aviation Academy (MAvA) in Sepang.

CBA work for IATA

23 May 2013 News

Independent Consulting have been awarded a contract by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Asia Pacific office in Singapore.

Efficiency unit appoints new Deputy Head

5 May 2013 News

Caroline Schmeits has been working with the Aviation Efficiency unit since its establishment and she has been one of the lead consultants in the CDM55 project for Gatwick Airport. Since the May 5th she is now the Deputy Head of the Aviation Efficiency unit.

Kim new Group CEO

5 May 2013 News

As a result of returning to Independent Consulting on a full time basis, Kim Silander is now Independents new Group CEO.

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