Dave Hogg to lead Aviation Efficiency unit

1 Jan 2013 News

The Aviation Efficiency unit is our latest business unit and will be headed by Mr. Dave Hogg with support of Mrs. Caroline Schmeits. In addition we have a pool of experts with former EUROCONTROL background such as Mr. Eugene Tuinstra, Kim Silander, Klaus Haschke, Kevin Cooper, Douglas Churchill bringing in CDM, flow management and airport capacity enhancement specific experience.

For those of you that are familiar with Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), probably already heard about Dave Hogg and Caroline Schmeits since they are two leading CDM experts that have been deeply involved in the EUROCONTROL CDM activities over the last decade.

Dave Hogg

Head of Aviation Efficiency – Independent Consulting

Dave is responsible for the smooth running of Aviation Efficiency Business Unit and ensuring all associated tasks of secured contracts are executed in full and to the expectations of the client. Dave has always maintained a ‘hands on’ approach and proactively supports all independent consultants with delivering high standards to all work commissioned. Recent contracts and activities have been fulfilled in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi and Indonesia.

Until November 2012, he delivered professional operational expertise to EUROCONTROL Airports Operations and Environment Unit in Brussels, Belgium. This expertise covered all areas Airport Operations for a period of over 12 years. Dave’s primary role was to ensure Airport / Aircraft Operator and Ground Handling experience was taken into consideration with all Air Traffic Management, Airport Capacity and Efficiency enhancement programs.

As one of the founding members of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) in Europe, he was driving and delivering the development and consolidation of the European definition of A-CDM practices and harmonisation in close coordination with IATA and ACI-Europe. This work included the development of all CDM defined elements, associated procedures and implementation guidance material for airports to implement A-CDM. Within the broad scope of airport operations, defining KPIs, success criteria and the means to evaluate the operational benefits.

He also successfully co-chaired the European Implementation Coordination and Procedures groups and was the appointed focal point with the FAA to instigate global harmonisation of A-CDM practices and processes worldwide.

Dave, over recent years, was responsible for A-CDM implementation at over 50 European airports. This work included not just selling a proven concept in a  multi-partnered environment, but also continually assisting local airport management with project execution and implementation roll out, often facilitating local meetings between Airport Stakeholders. With A-CDM being a new concept, requiring cultural changes in the way people work and to steer partners to a ‘no blame’ way of working.  This was only achievable with continued dissemination of best practice and lessons learned.

A very important part of A-CDM is the training of local instructors and CDM partners. Dave has been the EUROCONTROL senior worldwide A-CDM training instructor, leading courses at the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg, locally at airports and more recently developing and delivering Train the Trainer courses in Europe. During the EURO 2012 football tournament was on secondment to the Ukraine offering operational expertise in all areas of ground operations during the event.

Dave’s overall experience in Aviation is very broad (30 years), holding various Management positions from Airport and Airline operations to ground handling. In addition was a senior airport manager in Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games.


Caroline Schmeits

Senior Airport and A-CDM Expert – Independent Consulting

Currently, Caroline Schmeits is a Senior Airport and A-CDM Expert in the specific business unit within Independent Consulting dealing with Aviation Efficiency. With her experience as Senior Training Instructor at EUROCONTROLs Institute of Air Navigation, as Co-author and course developer A-CDM of the courseware to Malaysian Aviation Academy (MAvA) and the A-CDM training for CAD Hong Kong, Caroline has a passion for getting the right message across.

The last five years she was actively involved in providing European airports A-CDM implementation guidance, supporting various meetings and in identifying the list of CDM items to standardise, which is needed to guarantee global CDM harmonisation of the A-CDM project which is joint initiative between ACI Europe, IATA and EUROCONTROL.

Caroline, prior to Independent Consulting and EUROCONTROL, had fulfilled many supervisory operational roles at Brussels Airport for over 17 years. The range of experience included Airport / Airlines and Ground Handling activities in both airside and landside domains.